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What are Ashta Siddhi and Nav Nidhi of Hanuman

In Hanuman Chalisa you might have read the this line- "अष्ट सिद्धि नव निधि के दाता" (Ashta Siddhi nav Nidhi ke Daata). You might have been thought about what is meaning of this line?

Ashta Siddhis (अष्ट सिद्धियाँ) means powers of 8 types. The word 'Siddhi' means 'the power which is obtained by establishing himself into perfect one or Atman (आत्मन)

Types and meaning of Eight Siddhis are given below-
  1. Anima (अणिमा)- The Siddhi or power of turning the body as small as the size of an Atom.
  2. Mahima (महिमा)- The power of expanding the body to an incrediblly big size.
  3. Garima (गरिमा)- The power of becoming infinitely heavy.
  4. Laghima (लघिमा)- The power of turning weight into negligible or almost weightless.
  5. Praapti (प्राप्ति)- The power of having access to any place in the world.
  6. Prakamya (प्राकम्या)- The power of knowing whatever one desires.
  7. Ishatva (ईशत्व)- The power of possessing total lordship (स्वामित्व या प्रभुत्व)
  8. Vastava (वस्तव)- The power to win from anyone or to subjugate anyone. (अजेय होना)
Nav Nidhi (नौ निधियां)- Nidhi means wealth or asset. Nav nidhis means the assets of 9 types. 9 Nidhis are as below-
  1. Mahapadma (महापद्म)- One Mahapdma = 100 Padma.
  2. Padma (पद्म)- 1 Padma = 100 Shankha.
  3. Shankha (शंख)- 1 shankha = 100 Makar.
  4. Makar (मकर)- 1 Makar = 100 Kachchapa.
  5. Kachhapa (कच्छप)- 1 Kachhapa = 100 Kumuda.
  6. Kumud (कुमुद)- 1 Kumuda = 100 Kunda.
  7. Kunda (कुंद)- 1 Kunda = 100 Neel.
  8. Neel (नील)- 1 Neel = 100 Kharva
  9. Kharva (खर्व या खरब)-  1 Kharava = 100 Araba (Araba =  Billion)
These Nidhis are owned by Lord Kuber (कुबेर) as he is Senapati (Warlord) of Lord Vishnu.

Siddhis can be obtained by Mantra Sadhana. There have been many persons who got Mantra Siddhi and Still they exist in Himalayas (if we listen to rumours).

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