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About us is a blog about Hinduism. We are determined to provide ancient Hindu Scriptures and text that sacred for Hindus. We also try to write on Hindu ideologies that define Hinduism and its teachings.

Our purpose-

  • To help people follow Bhakti Marga in order to attain Moksha (Liberation) from this material world.
  • To bring awareness about our traditions and their role in our life.

Adarsh Rawat

adarsh rawat
Adarsh Rawat is a writer at

Adarsh got inspired by his surroundings to start a blog to share some lesser known things about Hinduism and Santana Dharma.

He is from a town in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a part time blogger.

The Hindu Prayer's main motto is  "धर्मो रक्षति रक्षतः".
We try our best to bring out most of the unknown things many Hindus don't know about.
you can find almost all Stuti, Chalisa, Aarti and many Stotras on this blog. 
The only thing needed is support from viewers like you.

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