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Donate to us

Dear reader,

To spread Hindu Philosophy and thoughts in the world, we need your backing. Your little contribution can motivate us to do more work and bring out ancient knowledge free for all.

We take donations only from India, you can donate to our Bank account or by using UPI.

Our Bank and UPI details are here-

Account. No.- 917007589960

IFSC Code- PYTM0123456

UPI Address- 7007589960@paytm

What is the money is going to be used for?

We are building a local library of Hindu Scriptures and other useful books. The donated money is solely going to be used for the purpose of buying books.

Can I help in any other way?

You can also order books online and deliver to our address. You can contact us for the details. Or if you can write about Hinduism and Indian culture, we will be happy to share your writings on our website.

Some useful information-

1. We are not a registered organization, we are a group of students working together for this Blog. Learn More

2. The donation you are making is not exempted from taxation.

3. For any queries, please feel free to contact at