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If you want to write about Hindu Culture and Philosophy, and wondering where to start, you are at right place. We make it easy for you to convey your thoughts to the internet society.

Also, if you are a blogger who wants to write guest post in order to gain popularity for his/her blog, you can publish your work with us.

We are looking for people who want to write about Hindu culture and related topics.


These are the topics you can write on-

1. Hindu Scriptures.

2. Hindu Rituals.

3. Ancient and modern ideologies of Hinduism.

4. Yoga or Yogic Science.

Apart from these, you can also write on recent events, researches and opinions that are related to Hinduism in some way.

Benefits you get-

Exposure- Our blog gets more than 1,00,000 views per month. By writing on this blog, you get exposure to a massive audience. You can spread your word in a broader area.

SEO benefits- You will get links to your website which will help your website getting more readers. Also, it makes your website more popular in Google search rankings.

Social Media- We will showcase your social media profile link in the articles written by you so your profile gets more followers and viewers.

Payments- Currently, we do not usually pay to guest bloggers to avoid spam. However, if a guest post performs exceptionally well, we will make sure that the writer should get a fair share of the profit.


To maintain high quality of this blog, we need you to fulfill some requirements for the article you write.

  1. You must use 1000+ words in an article, 1500+ words recommended.
  2. Apart from your website link and one social media link in your author bio, you can add resource links into the article. All links must be related to article.
  3. You can add up-to 3-4 links in the article.
  4. Images and Videos are encouraged to make your article look more interesting.
  5. Do not use any copyrighted Images or text.
  6. We reserve the rights to do minor changes in the article for enhancement in quality. 
  7. The content should be original and written by you, copied content from other sources will be disqualified.

What not to write?

We strictly prohibit the content that is related to political issues, political groups, mocking other religions or comparison of two communities.

How to send the work?

You can send your work in form of MS word document, Google Docs or any other suitable format through Email.

 If you are interested in writing with us, or have any queries, feel free to contact at-