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Adharma is Growing Day by Day, What Should We Do?

As we see in today’s world, We see day by day the technological and lifestyle advancement in our daily life is increasing at a rapid level but with that, the living style and standards of people are decreasing like water falling from a waterfall. 

Today’s Technology and outside atmosphere have so influenced our culture that we are starting to forget who we are and doing forbidden actions in our dharma.

A child who is not even one year old today is exposed to technology with content that shouldn’t be seen at that age. 

Today School going kids, instead of building careers, are indulging in relationships and vices which destroy their mental health.

 The masculinity of a man and Character of a Woman is judged by physical relationship nowadays.

Instead of Chanting God’s name and reciting prayers, people are singing nonsense songs and mocking their ancestors taking pride in it.

Why it is happening? What cause it to happen? Who is to blame in this situation?

As we know Kaliyuga began 5000 years ago after Shri Krishna left the earth for his adobe. 

In Kaliyuga it is predicted Dharma will fall day by day and Adharma will increase beyond its limit. Those Who practice Adharma will be respected and would be considered as Alpha members of Society.

 People would become superfluous and highly fearful. People would pray god out of fear, not faith and Prayers would only occur for any gain not to appease God.

Not mentioning all But only Reading Bhagavat Gita can positively open your mind. It can guide you to live life positively.

 But today fake gurus and technological influence have increased so much that All different interpretations of scriptures are coming nowadays. 

TV Shows, movies, and media are showing our culture in such a bad light that people start to abandon it labeling it as patriarchy.

 Our ancestors and gods are shown in such a colorful light and showing such activities that we doubt would they have done in real life too.

 The modern world tries to show these characters as fiction and promotes not to take them in a personal way.

Our Gods and ancestors, kings and warriors who laid their lives to save and sustain our dharma are just entertainment characters to them.

 Who gave them the right to fictionalize? People are learning from it in a way that harms our culture.

 Today, boys who tease girls and have multiple relationships are labeled as Kanhaiya….Our god who showed the way of life is known for this now. 

Kids and Cool teenagers find it uncool to read our history but proudly learn the scriptures of other people. 

Parents would give their children every freedom but not let them follow the tradition of our religion. They would not teach them the virtues but instead push them to do vices in name of freedom.

And when they do that instead of showing them the right way, they save them and push them to do more. The reason is that they want to give them supposedly freedom and knowledge to do anything. 

The souls have come to the material world to enjoy and those souls who want to hunt for wholesale material enjoyment without any kind of restriction from anyone for them Kali-yuga is presented as an opportunity because that is what the souls think will make them happy and they need to be given that facility so that they can realize this is not going to make me happy, but to get that realization through their experience they need a facility.

Kaliyuga is a facility in terms of the cosmic cycle and it’s a season for degradation and trying out the experiment to know whether such wholesale degradation can make one happy.

 Because it is a part of the season, it is a part of the characteristics of this particular season in the cosmic cycle so in that sense it is distressing no doubt but it is not unexpected.

 Because Krishna has given this as a facility for those souls, that’s why we cannot demand that Krishna appears to stop those souls.

 When we talk about those souls we should not think those are some demoniac souls somewhere out there in the world with machine guns to shoot innocent people. 

It’s quite likely that we also belong to that category who wanted wholesale enjoyment that is why we have taken birth in Kali-yuga.

 Those souls who could not pass through the filters of mercy and time in the previous ages, those who stayed stuck in the material world, they are reborn in this particular age of Kali and we are unfortunately among those souls.

Still, Krishna doesn’t reject us. Krishna allows us to make spiritual advancement through his Avatar as the holy name. 

He has come 500 years ago as Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as the yuga avatar and has given us the holy name. That is why Caitanya Caritamrta says Kali kale naam rupe Krishna avatar. 

In Kaliyuga Krishna had reincarnated as the holy name because Kaliyuga is a time when overall disorder and degradation is allowed within the cosmic time scale so Krishna doesn’t establish dharma externally directly.

There is still definitely some level of dharma but for those souls who want to live according to dharma, Krishna doesn’t reject them or abandon them. 

For them, Krishna gives them a facility by which they can live according to dharma so that they can minimize the effects of adharma around them. 

So that protection comes in the form of a holy name. Just like when there are rains we cannot stop the rains but if a friend is there that friend may offer us an umbrella by which we can protect ourselves from the rains; like that the incarnation of Krishna as the holy name allows us to protect ourselves from the effects of Kaliyuga.

This is an expandable umbrella. It’s not that if somebody gives us an umbrella that person losses the umbrella. 

No, that person has his or her umbrella and we also get an umbrella, and the more we take that umbrella the more we feel inspired to share that umbrella and when we hand over the umbrella to others we don’t lose our umbrella; we get a greater realization of how shelter giving the umbrella is, and we then take greater shelter of the umbrella.

So what we can do in Kaliyuga is we can protect ourselves by taking shelter of the holy name and live according to dharma and inspire others also to do the same similarly. 

So in this way, Krishna has made his mercy available in this age in the form of his holy name which is the Avatar for the Kaliyuga.

So Krishna is indeed descending as the holy name in Kaliyuga to give facility for dharma for those who want to be dharmic in an age that allows us to be adharmic for the sake of the souls who want to live this way.

Sanatan Dharma and only Sanatan Dharma is the very life of Bharat. The end of Sanatan Dharma will mark the end of Hindustan.

Thereafter, any amount of politics or social reforms or even pouring the entire wealth of Deity Kuber (Treasurer of Deities) on every child of this country will prove to be futile.

Author: Nishant Panchal

Important: This article is written by guest author, views are personal, we have no affiliation with author.