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What has BJP done for Hindus Since 2014? Take a look...

Bhartiya Janata Party came into power in 2014 by criticizing then UPA government on corruption agenda. Also, major reasons why BJP had won 73 seats out of 80 in Uttar Pradesh and got LokSabha Majority on its own were:
  •   Modi Wave
  • Ram Mandir case
  • Article 370/ 35A
  • Poor Economy
BJP has long been following the ideologies of Nationalism and Hinduism which helped the party perform extremely well in Hindu Majority Areas.

As we have seen through the year 2019, they have been doing great. Some of their works include scrapping Article 370/ 35A and bringing CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) into law. Also, Ram Mandir verdict is a milestone in Indian Judicial History.

But keep this aside, we need to look at what did Narendra do since 2014 which has changed the life of Hindus?

Narendra modi Hindus

1. The government that doesn’t only care for Minorities:

Once, ex-PM Manmohan Singh said, “Minorities have first right on country’s resources.” In India, equality was a myth because the government was giving benefits only to the minority.

Modi government introduced a new category of “Economically weaker section” and made it possible for poor general category people to get benefits of government’s facilities.

Narendra modi daring decisions

2. Modi dares to do challenging tasks:

When the Supreme court-ordered to stop Haj Subsidies and make Triple Talaq illegal, He stopped Haj subsidies equating Hindus and Muslims.

Although abolishing triple talaq was a big challenge for Modi, he did not hesitate to complete this challenging task.

Narendra modi

3. International recognition of Hindu Culture:

Since 2014, Narendra Modi made people respect Hindu Culture more in overseas. Everyone accepts that Yoga is a big gift from India to the world.

Also, temples are being made by Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, RSS is growing in the USA.
What are Future Plans?

In manifesto 2014 of BJP, it is stated that the party has many long term missions to complete. Also, the public is demanding some new policies to be introduced. Some of them are:
1. More campaigns like clean Ganga Mission to take clean rivers mission on the next level.
2. Uniform civil code, that means the same law irrespective of someone’s religion.
3. Population control law in order to keep religion demographics unchanged.
4. NRC, yes it is not cancelled and only postponed.


Call them good or bad but everybody accepts that this man is taking daring steps toward united India. And the most important thing Modi has done for Hindus is that “He united us.”

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