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9 Facts about hinduism you probably don't know

Hindu facts
Let's start-

1. Hinduism is world's oldest religion with it's roots going back to 10000 BC and hindu literature dating back to 7000 BC.

hinduism facts

2. Hinduism is the only religion which have God in form of women or Goddess.

hinduism facts

3. Budhhism and Jainism have its roots from Hindu dharma.

4. Former USA president Barrack Obama always carries the statue of Hanuman with him.
   barrack obama with hanuman statue

5. There are 1,08,000 recognized temples in India.
hindu old temple

6. Hinduism is not real word for religion, the real name for hinduism is Sanatan Dharma. This means 'eternal dharma' or 'eternal truth.'
man in divinity of sanatan dharma

7. Yoga, Panayama, Vastu, Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology which are popular in west, are all part of Hindu Dharma.
budhha doing yoga hinduism

8. World's tallest statue of Subramanyam Swami is in Malaysia.
subramanyam swami statue malaysia

9. Bodhidharman, A price from pallava dynasty, gave 'Martial Arts' to China.
bodhidharman at shaolin temple